Permanent exhibition

Upon entering the first floor: The image of the museum entrance: small universe-dedicated to Grandma Wan

You hold the little universe in your heart
Through countless hells
finally and completely
Leave beauty in our hands

You hold the little universe in your heart
Regardless of the bite of wild beasts
Bring birds and fish and flowers
Sneak into eternity

~ Dedicated to Wan Nu, poet Zeng Shumei

Grandma Wan was unwilling to be exposed all her life and felt that her life was bleak. However, when she picked up a paintbrush at the TWRF's mind and body workshop, she unexpectedly opened up a beautiful new world. TWRF once wanted to hold an exclusive painting exhibition for her, but it was not carried out because of her repeated modesty. She has passed away and never had the opportunity to see her works appreciated. To this day, the trees, flowers, fish, and birds painted by Grandma Wan are still full of life, as if the brilliant afterglow of her inner life will never be extinguished. We selected three works of Wannu’s grandma as the entrance image of the AMA museum to express our admiration and longing for the grandmas.

Opening the flip cabinet reveals the grandma's creative paintings, including "Present and Future Me", "Full Body Map", "Heart Fire", "Tree of Life" and "Flowers in Pots". By re-drawing the outline of the work and using punching technology to interpret the works on red copper, each of the works hidden on the wall can be opened by the viewer's hands, like a door leading to the life stories of the grandmothers. 

Crossing the water on the first floor: their time

Pass through the brick arch and enter the stories of the grandmothers. The handrails are the warmth of grandma. Through the combination of carefully designed handrails and photos, the story of each photo is clearly expressed. Touching the handrails is like holding grandma's hand to watch the exhibition together, extending to every place in the space. The materials include metal iron, red copper, logs, and cloth, which represent different meanings, some are cold and hard, and some are warm. Softness symbolizes grandma’s mood and story.

Entering the 2nd floor: Female Power Space - Permanent Exhibition of Mind and Body Workshop

The works produced by the grandmothers who participated in the physical and mental care workshops organized regularly by TWRF for 16 years from 1996 to 2012 are on display. There are a total of 178 works in the mind-body workshop collection, 73 of which have been applied for UNESCO's "Voices of Comfort Women" Memory of the World List. 31 are currently on display, and the remaining 42 works will be displayed here from time to time in the future.

2nd floor, first floor: "Comfort Women" permanent exhibition | Special exhibition on women's human rights

Displays the origins of the "comfort women" system, the recruitment of "comfort women" in Taiwan, the experiences of overseas comfort stations, the life stories of survivors, as well as the history of the international comfort women human rights movement from 1991 to 2016, sexual violence from World War I to modern wars, and the special issues of women's human rights. exhibition.

The exhibition area also includes the video work "Comfort Women Recruitment" by Korean-American artist Lee Chang-jin, and the "One Person, One Heart" action piece by Hong Kong artist Moon Ching-ying, who designed an image of a Japanese flag and a heart to allow people to express their opinions. Combining multiple One Heart, One Flag, it becomes A heartwarming animation.

Second step into the backyard: Grandma’s tree of life

Created by contemporary paper sculpture artist Lin Wenzhen, the life stories of Grandma Lotus, Grandma Wannu, Grandma Shen Zhong and Grandma Xiaotao are depicted under this big tree, and delicately depict tears falling, leaves falling, flowers blooming, birds Children's singing situations.

Crossing the Water on the 2nd Floor: Song of Reeds - "Comfort Women" Grandma Memorial Space

"A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not quench; he will spread justice in truth" "Bible - Isaiah"

Through thousands of transparent tubes and 59 red copper tubes projecting the names of the grandmothers, combined with the image of reeds on the wall, it symbolizes the life force of the thousands of "comfort women" grandmothers in Taiwan. The hands are close to the light source, and the name is projected on the palm of the hand, as if holding grandma with both hands.