Venue Introduction

Design concept

Since the space and layout of the new museum are quite different from the old museum, we specially invited Mr. Lin Zhifeng, who is experienced in museum display design, and the Youxin design team to create a series of designs centered on grandma’s life history and the victim’s perspective, completely pass down the spirit and philosophy of AMA museum.

The design team used spatial elements: houses, tomato bags, iron pipes, picture books, sound pipes, and metal nets. The visual plane used elements of "reeds" and "butterflies." The butterfly symbolizes the "comfort women" grandmothers who emerged from their cocoons and regained their freedom and dignity, while the reeds symbolize the grandmothers' self-defense and perseverance.

Color choice

In art therapy workshops, most of the colors used by the grandmothers are bright, colorful, warm, and saturated. Because I miss my youthful days and yearn to return to my happy and innocent self. The tone of the exhibition board is based on the colors used by the grandmothers and the texture of pastel strokes, representing the best memories in the hearts of the grandmothers.

Background image conversion

The idea of ​​"dots" is transformed into simple symbols, and modern fonts and colors are used to express the sense of the times. Transparency is also used to create a slightly surreal feeling.

Theme version

The overall concept is based on the beautiful youthful days in the hearts of grandmas. The shape of the explanatory board is inspired by the dressing tables and mirrors of grandma's youth. After extracting and simplifying their shapes, they serve as the theme and sub-theme board appearance of this exhibition. .

There are permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions in the museum. The permanent exhibition has four exhibition areas. After entering the museum, there are "sound tubes" carefully designed by designers in each area. Using the concept of microphones, everyone can feel as if they are talking to the grandmothers through time and space, hear their inner voices, and slowly follow them into this historical event. gallery.

The permanent exhibition areas are divided into "Meeting Young Grandmas", "Deception and Coercion", "We Are Them", and "Resilience in the Face of Discrimination". Each area has a different design image. The iron net in the exhibition area is like the grandmothers who were deceived into becoming "comfort women", and their imprisoned life was like a cage from which they could not escape; the image of the house and the suitcase connecting the home symbolizes the warmth of finally returning home after the disaster and the conflict of self-isolation; The artistic creations of the grandmas also represent the bitterness of facing discrimination in life. After undergoing physical and mental workshops, they embrace the pain and accept the past. Each exhibition area has its own profound concept conveyed. When visiting the museum, everyone can follow the life trajectory of the grandmothers and experience their various experiences and the growth and changes in their mentality step by step.

Starting area - please listen

Please calm down, listen to their voices with your ears, and listen to their stories with your heart!

Area A - Meet the young grandmothers

Grandmas were born during the Japanese occupation, when women were double-oppressed by patriarchal culture and the colonial government. Women generally have low educational opportunities, and girls born in poor families may be adopted and become adopted daughters or child brides. In addition to working in the fields, running housework, and taking care of their families, they need to go out to make a living, but most of them hold low-level jobs such as labor, service, or technical work.

Area B-Deception and coercion

"Comfort women" were during World War II. The Japanese Empire used the power of national mobilization, combined with government, military, business and other units to use various deception and threats to make economically disadvantaged young girls become military sex slaves.

Area C-We are them

Grandmas are the brave men of life, and the sexual violence and discrimination they suffered continue to occur in various forms to this day. Our courage to inherit them is nourishment and power to move forward.

Area D - Resilience in the face of discrimination

Grandmas who faced all kinds of discrimination showed unyielding resilience. Even in difficult situations, she can be strong and brave, and speak out for women's human rights in different forms. Grandma’s spirit is like a bruised reed that will not be broken; a dying candle that will not be blown out.

Memorial wall for 59 grandmas

Youth washed away by the torrent of war

Persecution of gender human rights

A historical memory of "comfort women"

A grandma’s home where women’s vitality gathers

Overcame the pain and reconciled with life

Grandmas transform into beautiful butterflies and use up their life energy

Flying freely and peacefully among the reed flowers