Heritage and Future

Turning off the lights is not the end; it's a step towards the next milestone.

The first 'Comfort Women' museum in Taiwan, 'AMA Museum' of Peace and Women's Rights,' opened in 2016 and has been facing financial challenges, the impact of the pandemic, and the expiration of the lease. On November 7, 2020, the museum, located on Dihua Street in Taipei's Dadaocheng, announced its temporary closure on November 10. A commemorative video expressing sorrow for AMA Museum was played on-site, and a 'Time Capsule' memorial event was held. Meanwhile, plans for a new museum and future prospects were announced.

Revitalized Appearance, Inherited Spirit.

The photo captures the opening press conference of the new AMA museum, where prominent figures including legislators Fan Yun, Wang Wan-Yu, Taipei City Councilor Lin Liang-Jun, lawyer Yu Mei-Nu, and the Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation, Yeh Te-Lan, were invited to attend. They participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the auspicious occasion.

After more than a year of dedicated efforts and with the support of friends of AMA Museum and compassionate individuals, the museum has successfully relocated to a new venue within the Datong District. This area, one of the earliest developed regions in Taipei, boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage with landmarks such as Dihua Street, Confucius Temple, and Baoan Temple. Among them, Dadaocheng was once a bustling hub. The reopening of AMA Museum in this culturally vibrant and historically significant location holds special significance. The museum conducted a trial operation from October 27 to November 25, 2021, and officially opened its doors on November 26, 2021.

Never Cease to Move Forward, Towards a Peaceful Future.

Over the past three decades, Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation has faced numerous challenges but has never stopped moving forward. This perseverance pays tribute to the resilient spirit of the grandmothers. The foundation sincerely invites people from all over the world, regardless of age or gender, to join hands in this effort. Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation aims to transform AMA Museum into a hub for gender and human rights education, turning the scars of history into the foundation for peace. The goal is to achieve a future of equality and zero violence through collective efforts.

More introductions to the new museum

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